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The Biden campaign had been confident heading into Tuesday, but still quietly concerned that Sanders or his supporters could cast doubt on the legitimacy of the outcome if the quasi-national shutdown over the coronavirus depressed turnout to abysmal levels.

With voting still on in some states, who turns out? Turnout has surged in recent Democratic contests as a wave of suburban voters helped catapult former Vice President Joe Biden to his solid lead in the race.

Tuesday's elections were already well underway with early voting before the full force of the coronavirus outbreak hit the U.S. But that's not true of the half of the states that have still yet to cast ballots. Some could shift to mail-in contests; others, like Louisiana, have delayed their contests until June 22, after the traditional close of the nominating period. It's unclear, though, that there will be more days of large-scale voting.

The Democratic primary is not a race to win states, but to amass delegates. It's delegates who pick the nominee at the Democratic National Con…