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  • By Congressman Jeff Fortenberry

A long time ago, I had a job that required me to sit on a river barge all night long. Using a marine radio, I attempted to hail riverboat pilots as they passed by. This was a Corps of Engineers project to determine the location of lower water points. A number of the pilots were helpful to me; others not so much. I had my river face on, but riverboat banter is not exactly the parlance of a trained economic analyst. I remembered the response of one pilot in particular––his rich tapestry of colorful language still lingers over the misty waters.

  • By FRANCISCA BENITEZ H&N Staff Reporter

Inside the airport terminal at Crater Lake/Klamath Regional Airport, the rows of chairs sit eerily empty. Upstairs is a peaceful cafe where regulars enjoy their breakfast or lunch and watch the aircraft take off and land.

  • By JIM CHADDERDON Guest Opinion

Editor's note: This is the second of a three-part series regarding Klamath County tourism: Part 1: The value of tourism to Klamath County ran Sunday, June 16; Part 2: Tourism funding at a crossroads (today); Part 3: Funding tourism for results (June 30).

Public meetings to discuss and receive comments on a draft environmental impact statement for fuel breaks in the Great Basin will be held regionally, according to a Department of the Interior news release.

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A TV reporter interviews self-employed logger Bridger Hasbrouck, of Dallas, Ore., outside the Oregon State House in Salem, Ore., on Thursday, …