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2020 candidate Buttigieg says he raised $24M in 2nd quarter

WASHINGTON (AP) — Pete Buttigieg said Monday that he raised $24.8 million during the second fundraising quarter, a massive sum that … Read more

Harris lands 2020 endorsement from 2 Black Caucus members

BALTIMORE (AP) — Two more members of the Congressional Black Caucus are backing Kamala Harris's bid for the presidency: Reps. Bobby … Read more

Democrats aren't shying away from debating Biden's record

Democrats don't seem ready to move past arguing about Joe Biden's lengthy political record, particularly on civil rights, after the … Read more


Biden criminal justice plan reverses part of 1994 crime bill

Joe Biden is proposing to reverse several key provisions of the 1994 crime bill he helped write in an acknowledgment that his tough-… Read more

Black voters say they won't forget Trump's racist tweets

DETROIT (AP) — Robin D. Stephens lived through Jim Crow and thought the worst days of racism were behind her. Then President Donald … Read more

Mueller to take center stage at Russia probe hearings

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Trump-Russia special counsel Robert Mueller finally faces congressional interrogators on Wednesday, testify… Read more


Cory Booker: President Trump is worse than a racist

Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker tells CNN's Dana Bash that President Donald Trump's use of racist tropes for political… Read more

What Milwaukee means for Democrats in 2020 presidential race

Wisconsin was one of several battleground states in 2016 that helped Donald Trump capture the White House. Next July, the city of Mi… Read more

Ross Perot, former presidential candidate, dies at age 89

Ross Perot, the billionaire tycoon who mounted two unsuccessful third-party presidential campaigns in the 1990s, died Tuesday, famil… Read more
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